Flat Feet

Most people have a natural arch to their feet. The definition of flat feet is a condition where
the arch is not present and the entire soles of the feet touch the ground. An old term for flat feet is fallen arches. Having flat feet does not always cause pain or lead to other foot disorders. Flat Feet

Many people with flat feet experience no symptoms. If your bare foot flattens out when you stand on it and it is not painful, treatment is not needed. Most people with flat feet will notice their arch will return with toe walking. You should however, wear good fitting, supportive shoes. Children under the age of five normally have flat feet.

Flat feet that are rigid, not flexible, can be painful and result in imbalances from prolonged foot and leg discomfort. They may even cause back pain. Rigid flat feet are linked with inactivity and increased body weight. Shoes that do not fit or fail to support and protect the arch can lead to painful imbalances between the bones, muscles and ligaments of the foot.

People who have rigid arches may have pain when they stand or walk. This problem, if not corrected, can lead to other foot problems, such as:

  • an inflammation of the soft tissue under the skin on the bottom of the feet or
  • bone spur, an outgrowth of bone on the heel in response to constant irritation

See your healthcare provider for help with any foot pain that does not go away with proper shoes. Special inserts and footwear can be made that will relieve the discomfort of walking
on rigid feet.

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